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The Pandemic is Changing Everything, Including How we Shop

by Margaret Brown
BOPIS Becomes More Popular During the Pandemic

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the American economy as most retailers were shut down in an attempt to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus. While many of those businesses will never re-open, there are some that have put technology to work to beat the odds. Retailers that were able to pivot quickly and efficiently to the buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS) model are seemingly weathering the storm. Other retailers have found that focusing on the customer experience (CX) by sending the right information to the right customer at the right time has been key. To learn more about BOPIS, CX, and some good news, read on!

How BOPIS Can Ease Pandemic Fears and Grow Apparel Retail Sales

We all know that the charm of being stuck at home binge watching is wearing thin. Thankfully – both for struggling retailers and bored shoppers alike – retailers are beginning to re-open their doors as states begin the process of opening the economy.

While there is definitely pent-up demand for retail shopping, brands need to be mindful of customer comfort. According to First Insight Research while 54 percent of people were ready to shop for apparel, 65 percent of women responded that they did not feel safe trying on clothes in a dressing room and a similar number (66 percent) did not feel comfortable working in person with a sales associate.

In order to ease the fears of customers navigating the new normal, savvy retailers are turning to BOPIS – buy online, pickup in store. This strategy, which served retailers like Nordstrom well last holiday season, is likely to become a popular option for retailers looking to drive revenue while observing the rules of re-opening.

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Best Buy Poised to Emerge a ‘Winner’ as it Shifts to Curbside, Digital

Best Buy’s shift to digitally-driven sales and curbside pickups helped the electronics retailer perform better than many industry counterparts and better than analysts expected. The company retained 81 percent of its Q1 2019 despite the fact that “not a single customer set foot” in their stores.

Having spent the better part of a year investing in digital channels and its customers digital experience the retailer was well-prepared to accommodate this pandemic-driven shift to online purchasing and contactless delivery options. As well as continuing to engage customers and retain its sales associates, this digital shift also helped Best Buy keep inventory from the store moving and avoided reliance on more the more expensive option of shipping and delivering from central warehouses.

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Superior Customer Experience for Retailers Relies on Technology

Retailers have been creating personalized content and embracing omnichannel strategies to deliver a superior customer experience (CX), yet they are still falling short.

The missing link?

Technology that aids retailers on their journey and can provide powerful insights with data analytics. Part of this journey is embracing technology that furthers the CX you’ve already created with personalized content and omnichannel delivery. According to a recent survey, Solving for CX, 90 percent of respondents reported that CX was crucial to their organization’s goals. Ninety-four percent agreed that advanced technologies will help solve the most complex commerce challenges. And 100 percent believe that an optimized CX will drive tangible, measurable outcomes. But, over half admitted that their organization fails to deliver a personalized CX. The answer lies with technology that can deliver omnichannel capabilities paired with powerful data analytics.
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