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Retail Sales Rely on Personalization

by Jackie Davis

As retailers embrace the digital buyer, the pressure to engage and retain customers is at an all-time high as mega-commerce companies like Amazon thrive. To effectively draw in customers, retailers must focus on engagement, sales, and most importantly, personalization, to connect with an audience that demands seamless, tailored experiences.

How can retailers achieve sales initiatives, campaigns success, and a positive customer experience with the resources they have? The right tools are key.

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A recent study published by The Dept Agency polled over 1,000 people on their views of retail e-commerce personalization and the findings were clear – customers want personalized content that is seamless and non-invasive. This isn’t an easy task. With the help of innovative marketing technologies like the pairing of Sitecore Experience Manager and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, retailers can become more efficient.

“Personalization is dominating digital marketing; with advancements in big data and Martech, brands are gaining valuable insight into their customers and tailoring marketing strategies based on individuals’ location, preferences, and digital footprint,” said Floris Oranje, Managing Director, Digital Marketing, The Dept Agency.

With the integration of these tools, retailers can tailor their marketing strategies accordingly and manage content and digital tools in one interface. Software systems are no longer siloed, and data is aggregated in one place offering users a snapshot of their customers and campaigns across channels and devices. These tools not only save time – they make personalized content achievable with insights on customer behaviors. Retailers can then use these insights to craft future campaigns.

“Considering there are countless alternative choices at the click of a button, the consumer is now the primary focus of marketing campaigns, more so than the product,” said Oranje. “systems work in harmony to ensure each customer is presented the right content at the right moment.”

With a focus on dynamic data, personalized content, and intuitive analytics, the marriage between Sitecore and Salesforce is a win for retailers.

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