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Paul Bergamini of Incite Group on the Importance of Customer Experience in Retail

by Chelsea Barone
Open Mobile Summit

Connected experiences make companies successful. Customers no longer want to be sold to; they want to be engaged. Attendees will learn about this changing environment and how retailers need to move past one device selling. To learn more about the conference, we sat down with Paul Bergamini, Project Director at Incite Group, who shared some exclusive sneak peeks.

The Open Mobile Summit, a gathering of marketing, UX design, product management, and engagement professionals, opens on November 27th. While this is still a few months away, marketers and retailers have the rare opportunities to connect with leaders from global brands like Uber, Weight Watchers, and more.

Here is what Paul had to say:

Retail Technology Insider (RTI): Tell us about the Open Mobile Summit and its theme this year. What can attendees expect?

Paul Bergamini (PB): The Open Mobile Summit traditionally has been a very mobile-centric show (as the name suggests)! This year we wanted to reflect the changes brands were facing with consumer habits and focus on the full range of connected devices currently in use.

Our theme this year is “Moving Beyond Mobile” and attendees can expect plenty of discussion from brands about what the modern customer is demanding from their connected experiences, how to successfully move from mobile to multi-platform, the best ways to personalize interactions through digital product, and finally how to integrate all these exciting technologies into your brands strategy.

Attendees this year will be treated to case studies from some of the most exciting brands globally like Uber, Tesla, Marriott, LinkedIn, and insights from C-level leaders currently revolutionizing their respective sectors.

RTI: What sessions should attendees make top priority?

PB: I’m incredibly excited to attend our track sessions focusing on innovative technologies and how they can be used to differentiate your customer’s experience from that of your competitors. For instance, we have Sherif Mityas, Chief Experience Officer from TGI Fridays discussing how that brand has been using a whole host of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and chatbots to revolutionize their digital experience and offer up a personalized product both inside and outside of restaurants. We also have Michael Korcuska, Chief Product Officer for Weight Watchers revealing how they balance offline and online experiences.

RTI: How has customer engagement changed in the last year?

 PB: Customers no longer interact with your brand on one device. They want to interact with a brand across all of the devices at their disposal, whether it’s via a mobile phone, desktop, tablet, voice assistant, wearable tech, or a even smart T.V.s. So whereas brands have traditionally looked to engage consumers through mobile product that has changed to engagement across the digital ecosystem and meeting your customer where they are, not where you are. Experiences and interactions need to be seamless and painless. Your customer should be able to browse on your mobile site, on their tablet, visit your desktop site with their previous interaction remembered, and encounter as little friction as possible.

We’ve found that the role of product management has merged with your more traditional marketing roles to enhance customer engagement through essentially, delivering a better product.

RTI: How has mobility affected customer experience?

PB: The modern consumer wants as much flexibility as possible when it comes to interacting with a brand. If a consumer can’t interact with you and use your product across multiple touchpoints seamlessly then they’re simply going to switch to one of your competitors who can. Ease of use and reducing friction is absolutely critical here; brands that can operate across relevant connected devices and reduce friction for their users will be the ones who inspire brand loyalty.

Mobility has empowered the consumer and given brands the necessary tools to transform their digital strategy.

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