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Pandemic Has Positive Impact on Driving Innovation for Retailers

by Kelsey Winick
Driving Innovation

Despite the overwhelmingly negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the retail sector, there have been some glimmers of hope. One way in which the pandemic has had a positive impact is in driving innovation for retailers. While industry leaders and newcomers alike have had to rethink their strategy and priorities, those that have prioritized customer experience have thrived despite the uncertain times.

The Curious Case of How the Pandemic Drove Innovation

Sitecore’s Paige O’Neill, CMO, remarked on how “brands had to react to having little, if any, in-person contact with their customers and pivot to a digital strategy” practically overnight. “Combined with the steady rise of consumer expectation about digital experiences and engagement, this was a lot for brands to take on and drive success.” Companies had to shift their thinking and reimagine solutions to fit customer needs over the past months.

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How the Challenges of 2020 Have Made Retailers Resilient

Matthew Shay, President and CEO at National Retail Federation, stated that “retailers have adapted and evolved their businesses at a speed we have not seen in decades, implementing changes in days and weeks that would have normally taken months and years. It has improved the consumer experience and yielded new efficiencies and capabilities in every part of the industry.” Examples of driving innovation can be seen by brands using their stores as ways to expand their buy online, pick up in store, curbside delivery, and ship-from-store options.

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2021 Focus: Improve Customer Experience to Stay Relevant in an Increasingly Digital World

As the upcoming year approaches, brands will continue to adopt digital transformation, which was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Largely, customer experience (CX) will advance the ways that brands can meet customer needs. Jill Grozalsky, Product Marketing Director at Sitecore, stated that brands will “continue to evolve, keep the momentum going, and continue to foster the mindset of experimentation and collaboration within your organization to continue to deliver superior CX.”

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