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How Can Retailers Engage the Pampered Consumer who Demands Uniqueness?

by Jackie Davis

Consumers have more choices than ever before, fueled by more information and more access to retailers worldwide. This has given rise to what is sometimes known as the “pampered consumer”  — a customer who knows they are in the driver’s seat and expects to feel like a preferred customer. Pampered consumers respond to personalization and an outstanding customer experience. With recent events, this continues to ring true.

On a recent webcast, Retail Technology Insider talked with two experts who are focused on helping retailers reach pampered consumers through refined content strategies: Sitecore’s Kelly Bergl, Director of Customer Marketing, and Sean Rusinko, Industry Business Lead for Retail and Hospitality. While this webcast was recorded prior to the coronavirus outbreak, retailers are still facing the same challenges when it comes to customer engagement, and now, with digital being the main retail platform, brands must deliver an experience that engages and excites.

“Customers are expecting that brands know everything they experience as part of their path to purchase journey –  from what they searched for, to who they’ve spoken to, to what information they previously had been provided, and certainly what they’ve previously bought – so that their next intent is identified and they are provided personalized recommendations on what to purchase next.”

  • Sean Rusinko, Sitecore

Kelly and Sean detailed how retailers have had to adapt, launching omnichannel programs and blurring the lines between online and physical experiences. With real-world examples covering a variety of different markets and a close look at the “Amazon effect,” they spell out what retailers can do to meet consumers’ needs better and build more sustainability and brand loyalty.

To watch the webcast, click here.

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