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Home Delivery World Unpacks Top Logistics Strategies for Retailers Today

by Chelsea Barone
Home Delivery World

In the retail tech space, it’s very easy to discuss all of the progress being made in the way of customer-facing solutions; between trends like self-service and hybridizing the customer experience, these technologies tend to dominate the space. But what about the technologies that power those experiences? Home Delivery World explores just that.

Home Delivery World 2018 just took place this week in Atlanta and dug into the nitty gritty of retail logistics. According to their site, attendees “learn about cutting-edge technology and hear how some of the biggest players in the market have increased efficiencies, saved costs, and streamlined the delivery process.” Essentially, the show is meant to make logistical dreams for retailers a reality.

The event boasted over 1,500 attendees, more than 200 speakers, and more than 350 sessions to attend. And with attendees like Target, Nordstrom, QVC, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, it’s obvious that to stay in the game of retail, optimizing your logistics strategy is a must, especially in a retail landscape that is increasingly dependent on shipping strategy.

To shine a light on the often overlooked world of logistics, RTI is sharing some of the top takeaways from Home Delivery World 2018 that explore the latest technology powering our shopping experiences:


As businesses grow and their need to remain effective and organized grows with it, adopting technology that addresses those needs is crucial. Predictive analytics’ and blockchain’s role in retail logistics were a large part of the discussion at Home Delivery World.

With a name like “Home Delivery World,” you know there is going to be discussion around subscription models and meal kit delivery services. In fact, there was a panel called “How are subscriptions navigating around logistical challenges while still maintaining their popularity?” with panelists from Peach Dish, Watch Gang, and Sock Fancy. Traversing the logistics of a business that is completely reliant on it’s ability to deliver presents some unique logistical challenges.

And of course, it’s crucial to learn from the retailing goliaths that got it right – after all, Amazon is arguably the main reason free two-day shipping is expected among retailers today, no matter the size or location. Amazon’s Vice President of Global Innovation Policy and Communications Paul Misener keynoted about purposeful innovation and spoke about how customer expectations should shape logistics strategy.

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