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Direct Mail Marketing 2.0 Revives the Retro Customer Approach

by Chelsea Barone
Direct Mail Marketing

Earlier this month, Modern Marketing Today published an article responding to a recent piece in Marketplace about the resurgence of direct mail marketing and why it’s an effective marketing tactic with today’s sophisticated consumers. This is an important approach for retailers, both online and brick-and-mortar, to consider, especially considering the level of customer knowledge that comes with AI and data analytics platforms.

Direct mail campaigns can be tailored in scalable ways that weren’t possible before when direct mail marketing was a new idea. Now, retailers know so much more about their target market and can make more educated decisions about with whom they should be engaging and how to grab their attention.

Tangible connections can be very powerful for today’s customers, people who are bombarded with spam email and pop-up ads that go ignored because of the overwhelming digitization of the shopping experience. Retailers have an opportunity to find their way into potential customers’ homes via their mailbox and really make an impression with thoughtful marketing materials.

Modern Marketing Today notes, “Direct mail marketing campaigns are not what they used to be either: boring coupon packets or postcards with a call to action on them. Your company’s story and mission can be conveyed in a more compelling way than a simple flyer or coupon booklet. That opportunity to directly connect with your customer in a unique way should not be underestimated.”

AI and data analytics breathes new life into a once tired marketing approach and is giving retailers a chance to directly connect with their customers in ways that really tell a company’s story. This isn’t just an opportunity for retailers to get on a customer’s radar; this is how a company can effectively brand itself in a tactile, un-ignorable way.

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