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Delta Airlines is Putting Tech to Work to Improve Flying Experience

by Jenna Sindle
Delta Airlines

From Walmart to Nordstrom, customers are quickly getting used to technology revolutionizing not only the way they shop, but how they interact with store employees. With more self-checkout stations and the growth of BOPIS, employees are now present to add value to a customer transaction and improve the overall customer experience. Now, there’s news that airlines are taking a page out of the retail playbook to deliver improved customer experience in the friendly skies.

Delta Airlines CEO, Ed Bastian, recently announced that the airline would be looking to put technology to work to accomplish rote tasks while shifting employees to focus on customer interaction. Shared Bastian at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES): “Our people should not be spending their time taking tickets and scanning boarding passes. They’re way too talented for that…Delta people from out behind the counter so they can assist you, solve your problems in real time.”

Other innovations include virtual queuing to alleviate congestion at gates as people rush to board the plane. The new service will notify passengers not only when their group is boarding, but when their seat is boarding. And Delta is also looking to become the choice of pet owners by partnering with a start-up to be able to track and monitor pets when they’re in transit. And, of course, Delta is looking to augment its use of machine learning  (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to continue to mitigate delays by improving aircraft and crew positioning.

Interested in learning more about this story; Reuters ran the original story. And if you’re interested in learning more about how tech is changing the airline industry, check out Connected Aviation Today.

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