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Countdown to Black Friday: Catering to the Pampered Customer

by Jackie Davis

Black Friday. It’s only 28 short days away – time for retailers to evaluate their online presence. While Cyber Monday is dedicated to online sales, Black Friday generates even more eCommerce orders. With these big spending days on the horizon, it’s vital that retailers evaluate their online shopping experience.

The load time and performance of a retailer’s website play a big role in the pampered customer’s shopping experience. If images and buttons take more than a few seconds to load, customers are likely to exit the site resulting in a lost sale. According to a recent Shopify study, the online experience retailers offer is more important than ever – with customers now spend more per online order than in-store.

With over 62 million repeat buyers in the last 12 months, retailers are competing for customer loyalty. This loyalty can be secured by offering a good price, but more importantly a great customer experience. And with over 80 percent of sales coming from online stores, the web experience retailers offer directly influences sales.

“Frictionless journey navigation, easy access to products and information, and lighting fast speed make for happy consumers who are more likely to purchase,” said Sean Rusinko, Global Director, Industry Business Leader – Retail & Hospitality at Sitecore. Today’s pampered customer requires a buying experience that is fast, seamless, and personalized.

“Many brands are meeting this expectation with personalized experiences, which includes individual product offerings, using data collected about each customer to tailor the messaging, offers, and experiences each receives,” explained Rusinko. These personalized journeys keep the customer coming back for more.

How can retailers build this personalized, fluid journey? By implementing the right technology.

“Retailers are quickly recognizing that their legacy systems aren’t up to par when it comes to meeting customer expectations and building loyalty,” Rusinko said. By implementing a customized commerce system, retailers can offer customers a unique experience that promotes loyalty and increases sales.

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