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Best of 2019: CX Helps Companies on Digital Transformation Journey and Supports Marketing

by Margaret Brown

Every year, Retail Technology Insider takes a look back to determine which of our stories are resonating with readers like you. In 2019, customer experience – or CX – was the topic of two of our top three stories. These explored how a company can use Machine Learning in its marketing efforts to improve CX, as well as how a Scottish utility uses the Alterian Real-Time Customer Experience Platform to help create superior service, ease of purchase, and a sense of belonging. The third story looked at steps a company should take to improve its mobile commerce efforts. To learn more about how to enhance ecommerce and how CX helps companies with their digital transformation and marketing efforts, read on:

Why ScottishPower Embarked on A Successful Digital Transformation Journey

Customer experience (CX) has evolved from a buzz phrase to a guiding principle for businesses, as they seek to differentiate themselves in highly competitive and rapidly evolving marketplaces. Customers are demanding superior service, ease of purchase, and a feeling of belonging. If service industry organizations can deliver in these three core areas, they will lower churn, enhance ROI, boost customer satisfaction rates, and deliver business success. Being able to deliver exceptional CX was identified by with ScottishPower leadership as an important way to differentiate themselves, retain customers, and have a positive impact on their business. The Alterian Real-time Customer Experience Platform helped the utility align interactions with customers to demonstrate tangible value at every touchpoint through the customer lifecycle.

Read how here.

Are you Enhancing Your Ecommerce Site for the Holidays?

The holiday season is when retailers and online marketplaces alike get their largest shipments, their most inventory, and, normally, provide their deepest discounts. All of these things combined lead to a huge traffic peak and one of the largest seasons for sales. The question is, is your website prepared for the surge?  Key considerations for enhancing an ecommerce website to reduce the risk of turning a great sales day into a disaster including preparing it for mobile use, optimizing images, enabling caching, and making it easy for users to buy your merchandise. Taking these considerations into account will ultimately make for a better experience for your customers, adding a little less stress to their holiday season and more money in your pocket.

Get the details about how to enhance your ecommerce site here.

Real-Time Customer Experience Powered by Machine Learning

Delivering real-time customer experience (CX) is crucial for retailers converting engagements to sales. By leveraging machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), retailers can deliver a customized experience when the customer interacts with their brand. Modern Marketing Today spoke with Dr. Chris Nolan, Chief Technology Officer at Alterian, about machine learning and how it is improving real-time customer experience and helping retailers engage consumers. According to Nolan, Machine Learning is what CX Professionals are using to improve over time, by using real-world behavior as feedback into the system. This means information fed by data collected from customers’ interactions with the company website, social media pages, or email newsletters, can be used to continually improve the customer experience.

Read what else Nolan shared about how ML helps marketers enhance the customer journey here.

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